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It’s never a bad time to look around for a fantastic meeting or conference room. Whatever time of year it is, and whatever business you run or work for, having options in place for your offsite leadership meetings or annual conferences is a good idea to keep things running smoothly.

Our meeting and conference rooms in Bexley Holiday Inn are a great option to keep on your books. With a friendly team of professional staff and spaces you can customise to suit your business style and requirements, here’s everything you need to know for your meetings and conferences in Bexley.

Why choose our meeting space in Bexley?

The best thing about having a meeting away from the office is that it takes everyone out of their day-to-day work zone and lets your creativity flow. There’s nothing like a relaxed environment and a change of scenery to help generate some new ideas and inspiration.

Bexley is a fantastic area to achieve this. With good road and rail connections to Central London, Kent and Sussex, it’s easy to get to – wherever your office is located. But the real charm of Bexley is that it combines this convenient proximity to London with the charm of a village – and certainly feels far enough away from the big city that you can all feel relaxed and productive during the all-important meeting.

Space for up to 200 guests

Our hotel is a fantastic destination for your meeting or conference. Our wide range of meeting rooms are well designed to adapt to the individual needs of your meeting. Whether you’re looking for a small, intimate boardroom-style meeting room for 10 people or fewer, or a large scale conference hall for up to 200 people we’ve got everything you’re looking for right here.

On top of all this, our selection of meeting and conference room packages come with a dedicated events organiser, who’ll be with you to walk you through the entire progress and help you get the most out of your meeting in Bexley.

The perfect meetings and conference package for you                                                              

Of course, when you book a meeting or conference package at the Holiday Inn, there’s far more on offer than just the room. From a dedicated events manager to all the equipment, resources, catering and stationery you need, your meeting is sure to be an all-round success from start to finish.

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If all of this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to hold a memorable and successful meeting, then let’s get started and book your space today.

Our professional team are here to help so contact us today or find out more about our meetings and conference rooms right here.

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