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Your ultimate travel check list

Whether you are travelling for work, a weekend away or that dream holiday you have been waiting months for, there are certain items that you simply cannot travel without.

Here are 10 items that the team at Holiday Inn London Bexley think are your travel essentials.

Important documents

Whenever you travel, there’s usually some sort of documentation that you need to have with you. This can be a hotel confirmation, flight details, visas, passports and the list goes on.

I always find it easier to keep all these documents together in a travel wallet, so it’s all kept together.


You cannot do anything without money so this is a must-have when going anywhere! You need to make sure that you have money for the airport and your travel money.

I would recommend getting your travel money before you get to the airport as exchange rates are not as good at airports.

Phone charger

I for one cannot live without my phone so whenever I travel I must make sure that I have my phone charger with me. Like your toothbrush, it will be packed the morning you travel (unless you’re lucky and have two chargers) so can be easy to forget.

If you find you forget this regularly, try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to grab this before you head off.


Although this seems like an obvious answer, you would be surprised by how many people forget to pack them all together or pack enough for their travels.

Many hotels are in towns or cities so buying new ones would be easy but always better to be safe than sorry!


How many times have you traveled anywhere and forgotten your toothbrush? Luckily many hotels, like Holiday Inn London Bexley, have a small kit at reception that comes with a small toothbrush and toothpaste to get you by.

This is one of the last items that will go in your suitcase, so it is easy to forget but try and set a reminder before leaving to remind you to pack it.


This covers everything from toothpaste to deodorant, mouthwash, etc. It’s so easy to forget any of your toiletries so the easiest way to make sure you don’t forget anything is to make a list two weeks before you travel so you have time to buy anything if needed.


Especially on flights, I think some form of entertainment is essential. This can be in the form of your phone, a book, a magazine or a gaming console.

Whenever I have to fly, I always travel with a book (on long haul flights, there are only so many films you can watch!)

Bottle of water

It can be a journey in the car or a flight but I would recommend always having a bottle of water with you, as you never know when thirst is going to strike!


What trip is complete without snacks?! Whether this is in the car with the kids or before you get on the plane, we all get the munchies at some point during the day so a small snack will always help. What’s your go-to snack?


There is no worse feeling than realising that you need a tissue at a crucial moment and it’s not there! With a small pack of tissues in your pocket or your bag, you will never have this feeling again.

Top tip – check your suitcase

Ever got your suitcase out of the car at the airport, tried to drag it along and realise the wheel is broken? Before packing, be sure to test out your suitcase so you have time to then buy a new one if needed.

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